Gelbwurst Chubs or Veal Bologna

At Finest Sausage and Meat we give our customers the finest quality meat and meat products. One of our top selling luncheon meats is, without a doubt the Veal Bologna. Our Veal Bologna is a big seller with both children and adults alike. This product is available in three different sizes. The Veal Bologna, which is the largest of the three sizes, is great for deli trays and sandwiches because of its large diameter. The other two sizes are smaller and have a two inch diameter.

The Gelbwurst Chub is a single-serving portion meant to be sliced and portion controlled by the buyer at home. This portion weighs in at approximately half a kilogram. The Gelbwurst is a longer product that is more likely to be purchased by a grocery store or a catering company and portion controlled at the business. Gelbwurst is a blend of beef and pork, which has been seasoned with a special blend of spices, which gives this luncheon meat a flavour that must be sampled.

Our Veal Bologna looks very similar to our Garlic Bologna; however, this deli meat comes in a bright yellow casing and not the brown casing of the Garlic Bologna. At Finest Sausage and Meat we make three different sizes of Veal Bologna: two different lengths of chubs and a larger one meant for sandwiches or deli tray. We make Gelbwurst Chubs, which weigh approximately 500 g and are great for taking on trips or for small families help take care of their weekly sandwich needs.

Our Veal Bologna also comes in 2 inch and 4 inch diameters. This difference in size allows our customers to customize their sandwiches and deli trays to the size that best meets their needs. At Finest Sausage and Meat our recipes speak for themselves and this recipe says “delicious”.